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5 Reasons Why Indoor Plants Are Important In House Or Office

Humans and nature are interdependent, and are connected by a magical bonding. Humans cannot survive in this world without nature, and in the same way, plants also cannot thrive without human help. Many people think that plants have to be grown in the gardens, out in the sun. They are in the wrong perception that plants cannot thrive indoors like houses and offices. But they may be mistaken, because there are many plants which can thrive inside houses or offices. They are generally called as Indoor plants, and they also provide a lot of benefits. 

You can grow plants indoors by placing them in pots and boxes. There are many indoor plants which are also low maintenance plants, so they can grow easily without much care.  If you want to try out gardening, especially indoor plants, then you can buy plants from Gromor food Nursery. There are varieties of plants available at this online plant nursery, so you can choose indoor plants from this wide variety of plants. 

It is a proven fact that indoor plants also provide many benefits, and they also promote good health. According to Google Trends, the search volume for the word “indoor plants” is increasing from the past few years. From that we can infer that people started showing interest in indoor plants. 

So, Let’s check some of the benefits that one can get by indoor plants. 

Indoor plants improve air quality

According to a NASA’s study conducted in the 1980s, the roots and soil of indoor plants reduces the airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in the air. From that we can conclude that indoor plants are natural air purifiers plants. They absorb chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals present in the air. They also increase the water content in the air and that helps to reduce the chances of respiratory problems like sore throat, dry cough etc. Some examples of air purifier plants are 

  • Spider plant
  • Peace lily 
  • Snake plant
  • Bamboo palm

Adds beauty to the interiors

There is no doubt that a well designed interior walls and furniture attracts the people. Along with that, adding indoor plants like miniature plants, hanging plants on the balcony, flowering plants on the windows etc. can give a lively feeling to the house. Indoor plants, with attractive leaves and blooming flowers can be used as interior décor to enhance the beauty of interior designs. 

If the indoor plants are placed in the living rooms, office, balconies etc. gives visual pleasure. It can transform the environment fresh and beautiful. 

Helps to reduce stress and anxiety

Placing indoor plants in homes and offices will have a great impact on mental health. There are many experimental proofs which conclude that plants help to reduce stress and anxiety. Adding the indoor plants in the office can give a lot of benefits. They help to reduce the stress and anxiety of the employees and eventually increase productivity. 

The greenery in the office surrounding reduces the fatigue of employees, and increases the brain functioning. This can make the employees work more productive and increase the creativity of the employees. So, adding indoor plants in the office surroundings, like in the corners is a good idea.  

Helps to reduce the noise

Workplaces should be maintained calm because it can distract the attention of the employee from his work. But in the office, the noise of computer keyboards, mobile phones, meetings etc. are the inevitable part of regular work. 

But, indoor plants have the capability to reduce the noise levels. Are you surprised?  Yeah, it is true that indoor plants absorb the sound and help to reduce the sound levels in the surroundings.

Helps induce better sleep

We already knew that indoor plants purify the air inside the house or office by absorbing carbon dioxide and other toxic chemicals from the air. But did you know that they can induce sleep? Fresh air is very good for health, along with that there are some indoor plants which release some sweet fragrance like smell, that relax the mind and induce sleep. A good sleep will revitalize the body and increase productivity. So, placing the plants like Aloe Vera, Jasmin, Lavender etc. in the bedrooms, will help to get better sleep in the night.

So, these are some interesting facts about the indoor plants. If you are planning to buy indoor plants online, then check Gromor Food Nursery. It is one of the best plant nurseries in Hyderabad and you can buy plants online in Hyderabad.

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