Green Entrepreneurs in the making

Green Entrepreneurs in the making

Education & internship opportunities

We're not just cultivating plants at Gromor Food Nursery. We're also nurturing the next generation of green entrepreneurs through our comprehensive education and internship programs. Here's how GFN provides invaluable learning opportunities for aspiring horticulturists:

Industrial Attachment

(2–3 months)

Final year students pursuing B.Sc. Horticulture can participate in our industrial attachment program as part of their curriculum. This immersive experience offers hands-on training in various aspects of horticulture, including plant identification, potting techniques, pest and disease management, and sales and marketing strategies.

Postgraduate Research

(6–8 months)

GFN welcomes final year students of M.Sc. Horticulture to conduct their master's research at our organisation. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, students have the opportunity to delve into advanced research topics, resulting in valuable publications and citations.

General Internships

(2–3 months)

Interested students can participate in internships focused on landscaping and other aspects of nursery and landscaping fields. These internships provide a comprehensive learning experience, covering various aspects of nursery operations under the guidance of industry experts.

Methodology & Supervision

  • In vitro Propagation: Students are closely supervised throughout the process of in vitro propagation, from the collection of mother plants to callus initiation, shoot and root proliferation, and development.

  • Tissue Culture Hardening: Under controlled conditions, students oversee the primary hardening of ex agar cultures until they are ready for export or potting, receiving guidance from experienced supervisors.

  • Horticulture Production: Students gain practical experience in standardising potting media, intercultural operations, fertilisation, disease and pest management, and exploring new technologies, all while being supervised by industry professionals.

Publication & Citation

Research papers and articles authored by students as part of their postgraduate research are encouraged and supported by our community of researchers. GFN ensures that students receive recognition for their work through citations, contributing valuable insights to the field of horticulture.

At GFN, education isn't confined to textbooks. It is about hands-on learning and real-world experiences that prepare students for successful careers in horticulture, while keeping their curiosity alive. If your passion for horticulture is calling you, send in your applications or queries to and find your roots with us.