Plant or community—it takes time to grow something

Plant or community—it takes time to grow something

Why community matters

Gromor Food Nursery has had a long journey, growing at so many levels along the way. We understand that growing something meaningful takes time and care, whether we’re talking about plants or community. Our ground staff, skilled agriculturalists by tradition and heritage, remind us of the strength and beauty of community.

How we grow

Our workforce of 400 ground staff comprises skilled farmers from the North Eastern belt. Their agricultural expertise, passed down through generations, forms the backbone of our operations. These skilled professionals bring invaluable knowledge and experience to our farm, embodying a deep connection to the land and its rhythms.

Our answer to automation

In an age of automation, our ground staff remind us of the irreplaceable value of the human touch when working with the soil. At GFN, we embrace a decentralised approach that empowers our ground staff to work closely with our field experts. This seamless integration of traditional wisdom with cutting-edge technology ensures that our farming practices remain rooted in sustainability and efficiency.

Old meets new

At GFN, we believe that where the old ways meet the new, something truly remarkable is born. By harnessing the expertise of our skilled ground staff and combining it with the latest advancements in agricultural technology, we cultivate a dynamic environment where innovation flourishes. From precision farming techniques to data-driven decision-making, tradition and technology converge to drive sustainable growth and resilience.

At GFN, community isn't just about people; it's about honouring the traditions that sustain us and embracing the innovations that propel us forward. Send us your thoughts and questions at Together, let us cultivate resilience and excellence—one plant and one community at a time.