Powered by Ethereal DNA

Powered by Ethereal DNA

Partnering with the pioneers in horticulture

Ethereal DNA, a trailblazer in plant genetics and advanced horticultural research, partners with Gromor Food Nursery (GFN) to spearhead advanced horticultural techniques through cutting-edge technology and collaborative research. Here's how Ethereal DNA empowers GFN to be a tech-forward sustainable farm:

Integrated Pest Monitoring Systems

Ethereal DNA's expertise in plant genetics extends to the supervision and maintenance of integrated pest monitoring systems. By leveraging advanced genetic insights, GFN ensures effective pest management strategies that minimise environmental impact.

Monitored Fertigation & Biofertiliser Applications

Through Ethereal DNA's specialised knowledge in tissue culture and bioinformatics, GFN optimises fertigation techniques and bio-fertiliser applications. This precision-driven approach enhances plant nutrition while reducing reliance on chemical inputs, promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

Micro-Climate Weather Systems

Ethereal DNA's focus on niche horticultural avenues, such as greenhouse horticulture sensors and metres, enables GFN to implement micro-climate weather systems. These systems provide real-time data on environmental conditions, allowing for precise control and optimisation of growing environments.

Access to World-class R&D

GFN benefits from access to cutting-edge scientific labs around the globe through Ethereal DNA's network. This collaboration facilitates research and development initiatives aimed at advancing sustainable farming technologies and practices.

Research Partnerships

Ethereal DNA's partnerships with notable institutions in the field of plant genetics and horticultural research enhance GFN's research capabilities. By leveraging collective expertise and resources, GFN remains at the forefront of innovation in sustainable agriculture.

Technological Affiliations

Through Ethereal DNA's technological affiliations, GFN gains access to state-of-the-art agricultural technologies from around the world. This exchange of knowledge and resources enables GFN to continually enhance its sustainable farming practices.

At GFN, horticultural research is a collaborative endeavour driven by innovation and scientific rigour. By partnering with Ethereal DNA, GFN remains at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, pioneering new technologies and practices that promote environmental stewardship, ensuring a green and thriving future for generations to come. Send your queries to info@gromorfoodnursery.com to learn more about our R&D and grow with us.