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Scaling Greenery with Excellence

Scaling Greenery with Excellence

5 Reasons GFN is known for production at scale

At GFN, we scale plants across varieties and sizes, catering to your different needs—including ready-made aesthetics for different kinds of architectural and design requirements. Be it shrubs, avenue plants, indoor plants or unique exotic blooms, here are 5 reasons Gromor Food Nursery is your one-stop solution for all large-scale greening:

Unmatched scale
With an annual production capacity of a staggering 10 million plants, spread across four state-of-the-art labs in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Bangkok, GFN is equipped to meet any scale requirement.

Commitment to quality
At GFN, quality isn't an afterthought; it's ingrained in every step of our process. From meticulous selection of seeds to nurturing plants with care, we ensure that excellence starts right at the roots.

Reliable supply
When it comes to greenery, we aim for success that can be repeated. But since it is about survival of the fittest, GFN guarantees a consistent supply of viroid-free crops, giving assurance of top-notch quality.

Consistent excellence
We understand the importance of reliability in large-scale projects. With GFN, you can expect repeatable scale without compromising on quality, ensuring that every project meets and exceeds expectations.

Uniformity & precision
Our optimised Tissue Culture processes ensure not just scale, but also uniformity in yield. Whether it's shrubs, avenue plants, indoor greens, or exotic blooms, GFN delivers homogeneous results, every time.

Whether you're an interior designer crafting breathtaking spaces, an architect envisioning sustainable structures, a real estate developer transforming landscapes, or a home gardener seeking resilient plants, GFN is your trusted partner. From contract farming to beautification projects, residential installations to commercial ventures, reach out to us at for end-to-end project management for all your large-scale greening requirements.