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Do you Know that Light Acts as the Fuel to Power Indoor Plants?

Plants not only beautify your premises but also add to the oxygen level. People are becoming aware of placing plants indoors and hence the demand has accelerated. The online portals serving such requirements of the customers is skyrocketing but the fact of the situation is that most of them do not have a stable background that is equipped with knowledge about the growth of plants. Hence, the buyers buy the plants but due to lack of guidance fail to witness the prosperity of the plants. Growing plants indoors is an art in itself because it needs perfect nurturing of the same so that they grow and prosper inside the premises. There are several requirements of indoor plants that have to be fulfilled so that the desired results are achieved. Gromor is one of the best nurseries in Hyderabad where plants are grown with abundant love and care. They have the best variety of indoor plants online.

What is the importance of light for indoor plants?

The light here means sunlight. Not all plants have similar light requirements. While some require bright light to prosper, some can grow happily in low lighting conditions too. The indoor lighting conditions vary and the plants grow as their placement in the premises. Sunshine within the house also varies during the day. As a planter, you have to be aware of the lighting conditions in your premises before placing the plants so that optimal plant growing conditions are achieved. 

Tip: You can use artificial lighting for the growth of your plants but natural lighting is the most inexpensive and desirable growth condition that you can offer to your indoor plants. Though artificial lighting options may serve the purpose during the winter months; the summer months will give happy growth to the plants with sunlight. 

Gromor has a rich experience in plant cultivation and hence can provide the buyers with the best guidance to grow their plants in a happy environment. It has been rated as the best plant nursery in HyderabadWe all are aware of the four directions, North, South, East, and West. Let us explore the windows facing such directions in our homes and their impact upon the growth of plants within the premises.

  • North Facing Windows

Windows that are North-facing do not get the sunlight directly. The windows that are Northeast or North-west facing can still manage to absorb some sunlight during mornings and evenings during the summer months. But most of the day will be sun’s natural lighting. Plants that do not demand bright and direct sunlight can grow well in such conditions. Succulents can show good growth in indirect lighting conditions. Plants like Dracena can grow well in medium light in North facing windows and plants like Calathea and Philodendron can grow well in low lighting conditions too.

Windows in such areas are cool because bright and direct light is almost absent here and thus plants that do not require direct and bright lighting conditions exhibit good growth prospects.

  • East Facing Windows

The Sun rises in the East right!. Thus, the plants that are placed near the East facing windows will be exposed to good lighting conditions, especially during early mornings when the first and weak rays of sunlight shine through the sky. However, the mid-morning and mid-day may not receive the same lighting conditions throughout the year. But the windows serve as a good spot to grow plants that require direct sunlight for a happy yield.

Direct sunlight will give good growth conditions to plants like Aglaonema. Sansevieria will grow well in medium lighting conditions, and Philodendron will show good growth in indirect lighting conditions. 

Tip: However, some plants that grow well in North-facing windows can also grow nicely in East facing windows provided that are shielded with blinds to avoid the bright light of the East. A lot of houseplants prosper in East facing conditions of the homes. 

  • South Facing Windows

Late mornings to mid-afternoon is the time when the planet is the closest to the Sun making the part of the day hottest and brightest. Hence, the plants that can tolerate the bright light during that part of the day are the ones that can survive the best in the South facing windows of the premises. Such plants require a good amount of sunlight to perform photosynthesis. Such areas are incredibly hot in summer afternoons.

Cactus can show extraordinary growth under direct light conditions in such window placements. A large number of other plants can also grow in such conditions provided they are given some shielding. Money plants can grow well in medium lighting conditions of South facing windows. Calathea will show good growth in low lighting conditions when placed near the South-facing windows.

Tip: Plants that thrive well in North facing windows should not be placed in South facing windows during summer months. They can be placed during the winter months only. 

  • West facing Windows

As the sun will move westwards for setting, the windows that attract sunlight for the latter part of the day will be the West facing ones. We know that afternoons are hot and late afternoons also show hot conditions during the summer months. So, overheating can be an issue for some houseplants. Hanging plants can tolerate the afternoon sun in the West facing windows happily. Succulents like Dracaena can grow well in low lighting conditions of the West facing windows. Coleus, Crotons, and Jasmine can also tolerate the warmth of the West facing windows. These gardening tips can bring a great bloom to your indoors and keep the plants happy. 

However, there are other aspects of growth that also help indoor plants to prosper. Be aware of the watering tips and requirements of the plants too. Just like sunlight, water plays a pivotal growth in plants as it is an important element of photosynthesis. Gromor provides the customers with adequate guidance to grow the plants inside the premises. A little knowledge can be helpful for the happy bloom within your premise. You can now order plants online and enhance your interiors with positive vibes. 

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