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Plants are Essential For Us to Sustain

Do you know the plants can bring a great change in your lifestyle?

Plants are essential for us to sustain. Nowadays in Indian cities, plants and trees have been disappearing faster in public spaces. Plants provide various environmental values and benefits that include screening of bad orders, reducing stress levels and reduction of temperature & pollution. While we are aiming to preserve the environment and protect biodiversity, we should never forget that trees are the lungs of our planet and are our lifelines. They provide us with the oxygen to survive and are the true friends of humanity.

Why should we plan to plant trees in our surrounding compounds, society, home, or office / industrial compounds? How about creating a garden in your home or home interiors to change your life? Let’s read in this article in detail why we should create or restore the green in our lives. Here are some of the reasons that plants can affect our surroundings in our daily lives. #LoveNature

Breathe fresh air:-

When you breathe in, your body consumes oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. During the process of photosynthesis, plants absorb in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This pattern of gas exchange makes people and plants as natural partners. Plants have also proven many benefits and effects on air quality in both outdoors and indoors. Many researches found out that even the indoors are equally polluted as outdoors. Placing the indoor plants in the interiors of your home show a great effect in enhancing the quality of the air by filtering toxic substances in the air. 

Releasing water into air:-

Besides the photosynthetic and respiratory processes, plants release moisture vapour into the surroundings to increase the humidity of the air. Studies have found that plants release 97% of the water they consume. Placing such kinds of plants in your interiors not only enhances the healthier and comfortable levels and also helps in respiratory distresses. If the relative indoor humidity is too low, colds and wood dries are most common. With the presence of plants with the occupation of 2% of the space, the relative humidity can be raised from 25% without plants to 30% with plants. According to the Agricultural University of Norway study, indoor gardening can reduce the incidence of dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry coughs.

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Air Quality:-

According to NASA research, plants purify toxins from air up to 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for every 24 hours. The VOCs substances include formaldehyde (found in rugs, vinyl, cigarette smoke and grocery bags), benzene & trichloroethylene (present in man-made fibres, solvents, inks & paint). Benzene is generally found in books and printed papers of high concentrations.

The modern climate environment and airtight buildings become a great living source for microorganisms. The NASA research study has discovered that plants filter the polluted air by filtering contaminants into soil. Indoor plants online can help you in getting your favourite plants to your home to bring a change to your daily routine.

Promotes physical activity:-

Nowadays because of the busy lifestyle, most of the adults and children are getting enough exercise. Lack of physical activity to the body can lead to many health and mental issues. The healthy living guidelines recommend that at least 30 minutes of daily exercise and adults doing 150  minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week yield great benefits to health which help in reducing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, anxiety and depression. Gardening helps the individuals get the maximum exercise to stay in shape or enhance their current mental and physical condition.

Gardening is a fun and simple way to engage your body with physical activity in the daily routine. The pleasant breeze from the plants and the scent of flowers make your gardening activity more refreshing and joyful. In children, gardening helps to improve motor skills, overall strength and also fights childhood obesity.

Start growing your organic food:-

Today’s world is chasing organic food as the fruits and vegetables that are available in the market are grown with chemicals and contain chemical composition in it. By consuming such fruits and vegetables, people can increase the risk of illness. Gardening encourages people to grow their organic food to add a healthy diet to their lifestyle by growing some of the herbs, fruits and vegetables. The time and effort plants require to grow makes food more delicious and appealing.

Enhances mood:-

Interaction with nature is important to maintain well-being. Through the time spent in the garden and gardening, people generally feel more joyful and optimistic about nature. Flowers promote positive emotions and enhance the mood brighter. Placing indoor plants in the home interiors gives you a feeling of relaxation and refreshment. This is because involvement in the physical activity of plantation releases good feeling chemicals in the brain such as serotonin and dopamine that triggers the mood and reduces anxiety.

Boosts self – esteem:-

Low self – esteem is the most common feeling among many individuals and young adults. It is common for youngsters to compare themselves to others and feel depressed. Taking a break from the technology race and spending time with gardening can be beneficial. Gardening activity creates excitement in connecting with nature and cools all emotion in the inner you.

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