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Few Tips That Plant Require In Summer

Finally, we are all experiencing the heat of summer. We know that variations of the seasons officially by the calendar but there is an increase in heat every day due to global warming more like summer. 

The time spent in summer could be tough for plants if they are not properly cared for. Although some of the plants like succulents and cacti are well habituated to the heat and summer flowers like sunflowers and pansies need sun rays rather than care. The plants that are placed indoors are not adapted to the extreme heat of summer waves. 

Are you worried about the upcoming treat? Don’t worry! For every problem regarding the sun, mother nature has a solution and many ways that can treat your garden thriving during summer time. Here are some of the significant plant tips in summer for you to get started. 

Promote high humidity:-

Plants that require high humidity (plants like fittonia, monsteras, calathea, and most ferns) require to be misted often through heat periods. The planters base plate can be filled with pebbles, fill it with water, and you can set your plants on top or bring plants together and in the middle, place a bucket of water to create a little humid micro-climate for your indoor plants which offers humidity and assist them to live healthy in summer. 

Frequent watering:- 

Providing proper water is the key to indoor plant care. Although excess watering can kill your houseplant efficiently, the heat in the summer evaporates water faster than usual. So ensure that you water your plants deep and slow. If you water a plant in the rush, the soil does not absorb the water and the water gets drained through holes at the bottom. If you water the plant too little only on the top of the soil, only the top layer of the soil gets wet but the lower roots get dehydrated. Ensure that water is properly absorbed by the soil properly and slowly. 

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Keep sensitive plants from the hot sun:-

If you are placing the plants in the south or west facing balcony specifically, then you can observe leaf burn. Change their place to the corner where they don’t get full day direct sunlight and deeply water them every morning. You can group plants and shade many sensitive plants like ferns beyond larger and bearable varieties. 

Shop plants online and enhance your interiors with your favourite plants and feel the goodness of nature in your home. 

Don’t repot the plants during high summer:- 

Always repot the plants before the summer truly begins. Repotting needs the proper attention of trimming some root mass (perform if you know how) and may also damage the leaves. All this makes the plants at great risk of shock and stress if this is performed in peak summer. So, do the reporting in cool weather when your plants are too sensitive for summer survival. 

However, pruning is vital for the good growth of the plant but pruning plants at peak of summer leaves them at risk of sock and stress. Moreover, in the summer some of the leaves get wilt and brown due to the effect of heat and taking them to a decision of trimming. This is not a good idea. Wait until the summer is over or prune them before summer ( March and early April could be the best time). 

Understand your Plant condition:- 

Learn to understand the condition of your house plants and recognize the signs of stress. Knowing the signs is significant to prevent the damage of the plant before it kills the whole plant. The stress signs in the peak summer are mainly due to excess amount of heat or too little water availability. These include:

  • Due to too much heat, especially the tropical plants get wilted. They were required to be sheltered more. 
  • A stress sign may also include Pale foliage.
  • Some sunburn signs include rough brown and burnt leaves or brown spots.
  • The dropping of sudden leaves and flowers also considered plant stress.

Summers derives the best time to learn how to grow the plants and water them. Just remember some of the rules like providing proper light means promoting photosynthesis and providing proper watering. Summer may cause a rapid loss of water on the surface of leaves and soil. So, make sure that you balance heat, light and water with frequency and enjoy the summer gardening. 

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