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Easy Growing Flowering Plants – Add Colors To Your Garden

Gardening is more fun and relaxing and one can experience it only when they get into it. If you love gardening and consider it a great hobby, then you will be the most relaxed and happiest person. 

Furthermore, as a gardener, if you have different kinds of greens in your home, then it’s time to get some flowering plants to your home. Flowers add more colors to your garden and they let you smile with every bloom. So, get some easy growing flowering plants from the best plants nursery in Hyderabad.

Easy Growing Flowering Plants: –

Here are some of the easy-growing flowering plants which you can get in your garden place. Also, follow the tips and tricks, maintenance process through which you can grow them easily and quickly. 

  1. Rose Plant: –

Red rose for Love, Yellow rose for Friendship, White rose for Peace; in such a way, there are 300 species in the rose family. Roses come in a wide variety of color tones and they are known for their amazing fragrance and enchanting beauty. With different shades of rose plants in your garden, you can add a vibrant look to your garden. Adding to this, some rose plants have great medicinal properties and they are used in perfumes, foods, drinks, and rose water. Furthermore, if you want to buy garden plants online – log onto Gromor Food Nursery and choose the best plants for your garden space. 

Some Maintenance Tips: –

  • The rose plant needs at least 6 hours of direct and bright sunlight. 
  • Try to keep it in well-drained soil and water the plant frequently. 
  1. Hibiscus Plant: –

Hibiscus is one of the most commonly grown plants in Indian houses. The delicate and beautiful appearance of silky soft petals adds an impressive look to your garden. It is also known as one of the easy-growing flowering plants as it requires minimum care and maintenance. You can see hibiscus plants with different colors of plants such as red, orange, pink, white, light pink, etc. Furthermore, these hibiscus flowers are mostly used for worshipping God. 

Some Maintenance Tips: –

  • In the initial stage, provide enough water to the plant and keep it in direct sunlight. 
  • In the blooming stage, it requires a lot of sunlight and watering twice a day. 
  1. Chrysanthemum: –

Chrysanthemums are the most beautiful-looking flowers with a multitude of petals. Order plants online and get chrysanthemum plants to your home that could give you the most amazing and colorful blooms. They are considered to be easy maintenance plants and even a beginner can take good care of the plant with simple gardening techniques. In Indian homes, these are used to worship God and available in multiple colors like white, yellow, pink, red, etc. 

Some Maintenance Tips: –

  • Water the plant when the soil is dry. Chrysanthemum needs moist soil to bloom properly. 
  • Do not wet the leaves as it leads to diseases such as powdery mildew or rust. 
  • In order to increase new chrysanthemum blooms, remove wilted flowers.
  1.  Marigold Plant: –

If you are a beginner of your gardening journey and want to add a mesmerizing look to your garden with the best-looking easy growing plants, then marigold is one of them. It is a low-maintenance flowering plant and thus, tends to grow very easily. These plants add a hue of sunshine with bright yellow and orange flowers and they are used mostly for religious occasions and festivals. 

Some Maintenance Tips: –

  • Though it is an easy maintenance plant, make sure you water the plant consistently. 
  • This marigold plant needs a lot of sunshine, so try to place it in bright sunlight and in rich black soil. 
  1. Jasmine Plant: –

Jasmine flowering plants are especially known for its mesmerizing fragrance. If you want some beautiful blooms of white flowers in your garden, then get this attractive jasmine flowering plant to your home. Furthermore, this jasmine plant is known to have some iconic herbal properties and thus, cultivated in many Indian places. Adding to this, the Jasmine plant gets major blooms only in the summer season and so, it is known as a summer growing flowering plant. However, you can see different types of jasmine species in Indian homes.

Some Maintenance Tips: –

  • When adding fertilizer, do not try to disturb the roots. 
  • Protect the plant from cool climatic conditions with the use of mulch especially in the winter season. 
  • Let the soil dry between two successive waterings.
  • Do not over-water the jasmine plant as it may lead to root rot disease. 

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