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Whether you live in the steep snow-laden terrains of Himachal or the ‘not hot winters’ of Mumbai, if you have houseplants, they have almost certainly gone into winter dormancy. Let us first define what we mean by winter dormancy and why it occurs.

During the winter, temperatures drop, as do light levels, which slows down hormonal activity in plants, causing them to go into dormancy. Dormancy means little or very little new development in terms of new leaves or size increase, so your plants are virtually resting over the winter, collecting energy to deliver their best when spring arrives. It is our responsibility as gardeners to provide good care for the plants and also find best plants nursery in Hyderabad to buy plants online

Water your plants properly.

While watering houseplants in the winter is done on a need-to-basis and at a lower frequency, when the weather warms, you will notice that your plants require more regular watering. This is primarily to compensate for water evaporation caused by rising temperatures and an increase in photosynthesis rate caused by stronger sunshine.

To avoid overwatering, gradually increase the frequency of watering. Keep track of how quickly the topsoil dries out after each watering to determine how frequently you need water your plants in a week. Get plants from garden plants for sale near me.

Plants should be re-potted or potted up.

The beginning of spring is an excellent time to replace the soil in your plants’ containers or repot them into larger pots if they are root bound. Because spring brings fresh root and branch growth, your plants will welcome the extra room. Furthermore, because the plant’s growth hormones are in overdrive and it is essentially happy, the chances of it falling into shock are quite minimal if correct repotting procedures are followed.

Adding slow release fertilizers and manure to your potting mix at this time is also a good option because the plants are ready to absorb nutrients after a dry winter. From spring through fall, fertilize your gromor houseplants every three weeks using a general houseplant fertilizer.

Reposition your plants for the best results.

It is evident that you have relocated your plants throughout the winter, regardless of where you reside in the country. People in colder climates have brought their plants indoors to avoid the biting cold, while those in somewhat milder climates have moved them outdoors to balconies or near windows to ensure the plants receive as much light as possible in the tepid winter sun.

The light intensity is increasing again with the arrival of spring, and it is time to readjust your plants. Light-loving plants return to the sun, while indoor plants return to the shade to avoid leaf burns.

Plants should be cleaned and dusted.

Cleaning and dusting the leaves of your plants is not only beneficial to your mental health and the appearance of the plants, but it is also necessary to help them breathe better and increase their rate of photosynthesis. The dust that falls on the leaves prevents the surface of the leaf from collecting light, slowing the rate of photosynthesis. The leaf surface is covered with microscopic openings called stomata, which allow leaves to exchange gases. Dust clogs these pores, slowing the pace at which plants breathe. Also you can know more basic gardening tips from us.

While leaf dusting is necessary on a daily basis, it is especially crucial when spring arrives. Take any tiny plants you have to the washroom and water them.

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