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Home Gardening Tips

Home Gardening Tips for Beginners

Home Gardening Tips for Beginners

Every master was once a beginner, it is rightly said! Have you been to the garden, farm or a corner on the roadside full of greens? How exciting and peaceful it would be watching a flower blooming so beautifully or a plant taking its natural shape? So, why not plan for a garden in your home? Believe, a small garden in your home can beautify your home environment naturally. However, a garden is not something that can be built overnight as it requires care, maintenance and thus, a continuous process of planting saplings. If you have stopped just because of the lack of knowledge but have amazing interest in home gardening, then this article is for you. Read on the information that can act as the guidance and help you start off with your home gardening journey. 

Home Gardening Tips and Tricks that Every Beginner Should Follow: –

Home gardening can be the most enticing and magical journey as you will be observing the growth of plants day by day and bit by bit. Furthermore, in order to make your home gardening journey smooth, follow the tips and tricks that are provided below.

1. Pick the Right Spot: –

Picking the right spot plays a crucial role in your home gardening journey. If this first step is done right, then anyone can succeed in the gardening process. As plants grow quickly only if they receive all the essential nutrients from the sun, water, and soil; selecting the perfect place for gardening is very important. Furthermore, you can make sure that the place you select for planting saplings receive 5-6 hours of direct sunlight. Also, the place should not get exposed to strong winds as there would be young and budding plants that can get knocked out. Adding to this, ensure that you will get enough space to access your garden so that you can water, pick and plant, and take care of saplings easily. 

2. Selection of the Right Plants: –

After picking the right space in your home gardening journey, the selection of the plants will decide the look of your garden. You can choose to plant flower saplings or grow herbs or vegetables through which you can make nutritious food. Also, in order to make your gardening journey simple and smooth, it is very important to choose some easy growing plants. Some of the plants you can choose to grow at the beginning are rose plant, jasmine plant, tomato plant, money plant, etc. These require less maintenance and can grow easily. 

3. Work on the Soil: –

Plants can grow healthily and blossom rightly if the soil in which it is planted gets all the required nutrients. So, it is very important to work on the soil before planting saplings. Examine the texture of the soil and make sure that it is crumbled and shovelled in your hands easily. If the texture of the soil is hard or clay-like, then the roots of the plants feel difficult to grow. If the soil is rocky texture, then try removing the rocks by tilling it. Furthermore, the quality of the soil to grow plants is very important and so, you can improve it by adding organic compost like a vegetable peel or tea compost into the soil. 

4. Basic Gardening Tools: –

When you are planning out for home gardening, then basic gardening tools are essential as digging out soil is a kind of difficult task. Some of the necessary gardening tools are forked trowel, gardening knife, watering can or gardening hose pipe, spade, garden fork, scissors, etc. 

  • In order to plant saplings, you need to dig soil rightly and for this, you need a couple of tools so that you can work out and start planting your greens. For this, you need a spade and trowel through which you can dig holes and a garden fork to clear the roots of weeds and old plants or to break the large clumps. 
  • If there are small and delicate plants in your garden, then you can use a watering can for the gentle sprinkling of water whereas for watering bigger trees and larger areas, you can use a garden watering hose pipe. 

5. Plant with Care: –

There is a technique in planting saplings and one should perform this task with utmost care. Once the groundwork to begin your gardening journey is done, you need to follow some instructions while planting baby saplings or seeds. 

  • Check the diameter of the seeds and plant it 3-4 times deeper in the soil or follow the instructions provided on the packaging of the seeds. Water them after covering the seeds with the soil. Do not expose the seeds as it may not tend to grow.
  • After the seeds break out and turn into young saplings, you need to transplant them into a growing pot or container. Dig up the hole and transplant young saplings. Water gently and add organic fertilizer in order to speed up its growth.

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