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Indoor Gardening Tips for Houseplants Bought Online


Plants are not very easy to take care of, which is why not everyone can be a plant parent. If you’ve got indoor plants online, a few gardening tips in the right direction can do a great deal of good. In this article, we will be looking at some tips that can help you take care of your plants.

Of course, you need to exercise caution while buying plants online. Or you can just head to the best plant nursery in Hyderabad and pick out the ones that you like the best. Regardless, if you’re a beginner at taking care of plants, this article of gardening tips will be able to help you.

How to Take Care of Indoor Plants

Please note that while these are general tips, it is important to look up tips for your plant specifically because each plant is different. Be sure to keep sun-loving plants in a room with direct sunlight and shade-loving ones away from direct sunlight. If you pay attention in the winter, soon enough, you will have a lush indoor garden for yourself. 

  1. Watering the Plants

You may have wondered how to water plants if they’re indoor ones. It is important to understand that they need less water in winter and that over-watering can kill them if the soil’s air spaces get choked with water. Plant roots need air as well as nutrients and water.

So, to answer the question of how to water plants, note that the soil should be dry about 2” below before you water. Let the water drain out from the bottom of the pot or planter, and don’t let it sit in a saucer of water after you’ve finished. 

  1. Fertiliser

While fertiliser is essential, don’t use it in the winter since the plants will be dormant then. 

  1. Light

You need to keep leafy plants clean if you want to work with low light levels. The dust that can gather on a plant can cut down on the process of photosynthesis which is why keeping it clean is important. 

You can use some clean, warm water and a rag or put the entire plant in the shower to do this. This is a good way to get rid of different kinds of pests as well. You can also remove dead and brown leaves to prevent diseases. 

Additionally, keep the windows clean to allow in as much heat and the sunlight is as possible. Note that as the day progresses, the sun moves, so moving the plants accordingly is also important. Keep them away from cold windows, drafts, registers, and heaters as well. 

  1. Humidity

Put in rocks or pebbles in a saucer filled with water so that you can combat dry indoor air. But be careful and make sure that the pot isn’t touching the water at all. For humidity, you can also run a vaporiser or a humidifier or group plants together. 

  1. Spring

In February, you may start noticing that as the days lengthen that new growth is seen. The indoor plants will now need organic fertiliser and more water. Keep checking for water and fertiliser and increase the amount as the days get warmer and longer. 

  1. Old Growth

You need to also prune your plants in late winter. You may have noticed that they get leggy with the low light, and pruning is important so that you encourage new growth. 

  1. Soil

Refreshing the soil is also extremely important. For this, remove the plant from the pot or planter you’ve kept it in, trim the root ball back, and then put the plant in a clean pot with new potting soil. If it is pot bound, then you will have to break the root ball a little and put one up to a size that is 1-2” larger than the original one. 


Whether you picked up a plant from the online plant nursery in Hyderabad or got indoor plants online, these are some tips that can help you. Of course, doing adequate research about the plants that you’ve bought is also important.

One advantage of picking up house plants online Hyderabad  is that there is often information given on these sites on how to take care of the plants. These sites also have categories so you can pick up house plants online that are low maintenance.

This article should help you with your plants. If you pay enough attention to your plants, soon enough, you may even have an indoor garden!

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