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Plant Parenting 101

Becoming a plant parent is a positive trend started by the millennial generation. In simple words it means that the plant owner cares for and nurtures their plants in the comfort of their own homes.

Why should one consider growing plants in their house?

Growing plants are good for the environment: Do you remember learning about the term photosynthesis?  Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and release oxygen back into the environment. By the process of transpiration and evapotranspiration, plants release moisture and vapor and increase the humidity level. In a study done by NASA Clean Air Study, it was proved that microorganisms associated with particular house plants are known to remove volatile organic compounds from air.

Growing plants make us happy: Studies show that this generation spends 90% of their time inside their houses. If we’re not in our houses we’re stuck in our offices. Adding a small plant in our surrounding can make a huge change in our environment and improve our mood drastically as plants are known to have calming effects on us.

Aesthetic Value: Yes plants being good for our health is an important reason for us to consider keeping indoor plants but let’s be honest there’s no way someone will keep a plant in their house if it compromises the style of the house. Plants make our rooms and houses look clean and open, it is a minimalistic décor which is easy and cheap. They make the rooms look lively, spacious and green.

You canbuy plants online in online plant nursery and grow any plant that you like but if you’re tying to keep up with the trending plants then here are some of the most common plants you’ll find in the house of any plant parent:

Succulents: They are one of the most low maintenance plants which can survive on minimal water because of their ability to retain water. The plant needs a warm and dry place to call its home so you can place it anywhere in your house. Some people keep tiny Succulents in their office cabins for a whiff of fresh air in the confined space. They come in many designs so you can get one that fits your aesthetic in the best plants nursery in Hyderabadget a head-start on your journey of becoming a successful plant parent.

Snake Plant: Another hit with first timers because of its straightforward and simple routine. Snake Plants are not only easily maintained but are also considered one of the top air purifying plants that can be kept inside a house. Snake Plants are not only pretty on the eyes but they have many other health benefits. The plant is known for providing good luck and can be considered one of the best housewarming gifts for people of all ages. They are widely available in plant nursery in Hyderabad and online plant storeso you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your house to get one.

Philodendrons: The name of the plant may sound complicated but the plant is anything but that. The plant has huge green leaves which help it to absorb even the tiniest bits of sunlight so it can be said that Philodendrons are non-fussy plants which can adjust to any lighting and water conditions. The leaves are known to trap fine dust and improve the air quality. The plant is also said to be calming and healing. Owning your own Philodendron has never been easier because even if you can’t get one near you, you can always buy one from the online plant nursery in Hyderabad.

Peace Lily: Another beginner friendly plant that can survive on any kind on light exposure. If you don’t want to get the plant for its aesthetic value get it for its health benefits. Peace Lily is well known for its air purifying qualities, it breaks down and neutralizes the harmful and toxic gasses present in the environment. Another great housewarming gift as the plant is associated with purity, prosperity and peace.

You can order plants online easily and become a proud plant parent. Use this opportunity to buy plants online Hyderabadand take a positive step towards the betterment of your own health and the environment.

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