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Plants You Must Include In Your Balcony

We all love to have a balcony at our home and the most beautiful part is decorating the balcony with our own hands. Every individual has personal choices while decorating the balcony. You can use anything for decorating. You can decorate with LED lights, handicrafts or if you are a nature lover then how one can forget plants.

Most people prefer keeping indoor as well as  Buy outdoor plants Online on their balcony. Plants add a pleasant and refreshing environment to your balcony. Consider keeping some selective plants to make your balcony more alluring and beautiful. You should always buy plants from the Best plant nursery in Hyderabad for the best varieties of plants. 

However you can keep any plant in your balcony, if you become quite selective then prefer buying some of the plants mentioned below:


It is popular by another name that is called desert rose. It is very easy to grow and can be maintained easily throughout the year. It appears similar to bonsai due to its thick caudices. It has beautiful pink and red blooms. For proper air circulation throughout its roots there are drainage holes on its pot that allows proper water flow.

If you are one of those who can’t take much care of plants then this plant might be the right one for you. It requires less maintenance and less water as compared to other house plants. They develop more like bushes than trees and their leaves are like succulents. If you arrange them very well in sets they look great. 


If you are looking for a color other than red then this can be the perfect plant that you are looking for. Anglaonema comes in a variety of leaves, shapes and colours that contributes in enhancing your balcony with its patterned leaves. 

The red foliage looks attractive and blends easily with other green leaves and blooms. They can easily survive in hot and moderator climates. You can place them both indoors or outdoors. You can also place it in your room’s corner or between couches to adorn your space. If you buy these plants from an online plant nursery Hyderabad then you will get high quality plants. 

Areca Palm

Hard to believe that this plant was once an endangered species as you can see this evergreen plant in abundant amounts in nurseries. They grow best and can grow up upto 2 feet during summers. 

They generally need 1-3 hours of indirect sunlight and rest need hours of bright light to survive. Make sure to water them once a week so that the soil doesn’t get dried up. 


Coleus plants remind of the croton plants. They are widely known for their coloured foliage that includes green, yellow, maroon and pink. They can be easily adjusted into hanging pots or else can be added to large pots. 

This colourful foliage is a great addition to your dark corners as they give a nice vibrant vibe if kept in such space. They mostly grow well in indirect or partial sunlight. The leaves of these plants enhance with vibrant colours when kept in shade. They are an excellent addition to any balcony as they grow from one foot to eight feet.

Allamanda Creeper

These plants are not only good for balconies but can be used inside too. Allamanda creeper adds beauty to your home’s interior. These plants are available in various sizes and colors. Some of the common varieties include golden and orange. They grow like a shrub up to four inches long. 

Cupressus Golden

The cupressus golden plant is an indoor houseplant that has been around since the early 1900s. It was originally found in China, but now it is grown in many different countries. It is known for its beautiful leaves and flowers. These plants are easy to care for and require little maintenance. They like bright light and need regular watering. They also like to be kept away from direct sunlight.

Also, you can get good quality plants from the online plant nursery. 


The plumeria flower has been used since ancient times as an ornamental plant. In fact, the word “plumeria” comes from the Latin word “pluma”, which means feather. Plumeria flowers look like feathers floating in the air. They come in many different colors, including white, pink, red, orange, yellow, purple, blue, and green. These flowers are found in tropical climates.

Portulaca Oleracea

Portulaca oleracea is an easy to care for houseplant that grows quickly. It has small leaves that are greenish yellow in color. The flowers are white in color and bloom from June through August. It is native to North America and Mexico. It likes full sun and average water levels. It does not like high temperatures or dry conditions. It can tolerate light shade and low humidity. It prefers soil rich in nutrients such as composted manure. It can also be grown indoors or outdoors. 

You can fetch all these plants easily from the official website of Gromor food nursery. Here you will get high quality plants at convenient prices. You will see wide varieties of plants in our blooming nursery. 

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