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Proper Care Tips For Newly Planted Plant

How often do you take care of your newly planted plants?

Plant care is essential for every plant owner. If you don’t pay special attention to your newly planted plants they won’t grow well and won’t last long. So, what are the special care that you should perform for keeping your new plants healthy? If you have the same doubt then keep reading!

Water is the main thing that comes to mind when it comes to caring for the plant. But, apart from watering there are several things that you need to take care of for your newly planted plant. Follow the tips below if you bought new plants from an online plant store and planning to plant them in your garden

Regular and consistent watering

Watering your plants regularly helps them stay alive and well. But too much water can cause problems. The amount of water required depends on the type and size of the plant. A lot of people think that a plant needs to be watered every day but this isn’t true. You need to give it enough water so that its roots can get enough oxygen. It also needs to be given enough water when it starts to dry out.

Fertilizing in the correct timings

Another important step in caring for your new plants is fertilizing. Fertilizers provide nutrients to your plants which makes their growth faster and stronger. They also make your plants look healthier.

Fertilizer also helps your plants absorb more sunlight which means they’ll produce more leaves. The best fertilizer for your plants is one that contains all the necessary elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, boron, molybdenum, chlorine, and nitrogen.

You may want to use a fertilizer with slow-release if you want your plants to have longer life spans. To know how much fertilizer you need, you must first determine the size of your pot or container. Then multiply that number by two. That’s how many times bigger your plant is than the original soil. Get naturally bio-compost plants from buy plants online Hyderabad.


To keep your plants looking fresh and beautiful, you should trim off dead parts. Use sharp pruners to remove old leaves and twigs. Don’t cut into the stem because this can damage the plant. If you are looking to buy some high quality plants from the online plant nursery Hyderabad then Gromor food nursery might be the right place for you. Gromor has a wide variety of plants that you can directly buy from the official website at affordable rates.


To avoid pests, clean up your houseplants’ pots and containers frequently. Remove any debris that might attract insects. Also, wash the outside of the pot before filling it with dirt again.

Proper sunlight

If you notice that your plant looks weak, try giving it extra light. Place it near a winIf you’re using peat moss as your planting medium then you must add some compost to it because peat moss doesn’t contain any nutrients.

If you’re planning to buy a houseplant, choose one that has been grown in an environment similar to yours. Choose a plant that is easy to maintain and will thrive in your home. Planting new plants needs extra attention as you take them out from their original pot and plant them again in a new place. If you don’t do so it might not thrive for a longer duration of time.

Also, when buying a houseplant, always check whether it has been treated with pesticides. Pesticides can harm your plants and even kill them down where there is plenty of natural light. Don’t consider buying plants that have been treated with such pesticides.

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