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The Best Tips And Tricks For Beginners For A Healthy Plant Growth

Gardening is one of the great hobbies to avail. It gets you to burn calories, have fun and derive rewarding results. Even if you are seeking to grow some delicious results or fascinating flowers, these tips may assist beginners in making their gardening successful and on the right foot!

 Browse these gardening tips for beginners.

Know About Your Garden:

Before you begin gardening, it’s the best idea to get to know about your garden. Check the detail of whether it’s south-facing or north-facing. Knowing the place that is hit by the sun will assist you in deciding what to grow and where. It is also good to know the type of soil you are using and have. Start gardening in a small space, then expand your way up to a vast garden.


Good soil is equal to a successful garden. Soil is made up of organic matter which is one of the main components for the existence of trees. Gardening without any compost may result in failure. Making the compost is simple, saving your waste food, vegetable peels, eggshells &apple cores will turn into organic fertilizer for plants and help in their healthy growth. Make sure that your gardening container has holes at the bottom and fill the bottom of the container with the rocks layer.

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All the plants need sunlight for their survival. Some plants require shade from the sun while some plants require more sunlight or sun! Use a compass or take the sun direction to determine the facing of the gardening from the house. In common, south-facing gardens receives more sunlight, however, the north-facing garden gets less sunlight. Sunlight moves around the garden during the day and changes to the time of the year. Spend some time to know the areas that are getting more sunlight and partial sunlight, as this show much effect on the plant’s growth.

Wind & Shelter:

Is your garden exposed or sheltered? Gardens that are exposed to more wind and high heat of sun tend to be sheltered and some degrees of heat and temperature are required for plants. Gardens that are present at the hilltop are windy, as are the balconies. All of these elements can expose the plants growth and spending some time with the plants all day get to know about their needs.


Water is one of the significant elements for the plants’ survival. Watering plants will mainly depend upon the weather and moisture in the surroundings. If you are living in a dry area, you need to water plants regularly, however, if you are living in an area of high moisture, water the plants every two to three days. The amount of moisture in the garden may vary, so always check the moisture of the soil and observe the growth of the plants well in different areas.


The temperature may decide the growth of the plants. Plant your plants according to seasons and weather conditions depending upon the plant type and its needs. High temperatures show effect on photosynthesis and reduce the growth of the plant.

The temperature effect on plants varies largely and is influenced by many factors like sunlight exposure, drainage of moisture, elevation, day & night difference in temperature.

Watered well:

Ensure that you give plants plenty of water, but be sure to avoid wetting the leaves of the plant. The leaves that are wet may lead to mould, rot & make plants sick. Water plants according to their type and requirement. Overwatering can also decrease plant growth by blocking the airflow in the soil.

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Go Organic:

Prefer the choices of organic with your soil, pest control & fertilizing. Growing your own food organically not only gives you joy but is also good for your health. The plants that are grown by using chemicals or artificial fertilizers can become weak and prone to diseases.

Trim and Prune:

Trimming and pruning let increase air circulation and enhance plant growth.  

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