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Top Five Winter Plants That You Must Have

Surviving in the winter season for plants is quite difficult as the winter season brings hydration and chilled weather along with it. If you are worried about your plants and how it will survive during winters then you may be wrong at selecting the right plant in the winter season. Go for plants that can easily thrive in the winter season. You can easily get some good quality winter plants at the online plant store such as Gromor food nursery. 

Gromor food nursery has a wide variety of plants from all over the world. At gromor you will also get a wide collection of winter plants at best prices. You can visit our official website for buying high quality winter plants at best ranges. 

Plants need proper sunlight and water for their survival. In the winter season the shortened day means less sunlight and water becomes chilled and frozen sometimes. This makes the sunlight and water requirements for the plants inaccessible which reduces the chances of survival of plants. This is the reason many plants die during winters. 

However, there are some plants that are meant to survive in winters. Plants that can survive in winters can tolerate low temperatures and require least sunlight for survival. You can also include these plants in your balcony. If you’re  looking for balcony plants then visit  for the list of best balcony plants. 

Here is the list of the five winter plants that you can add to your garden this winter:

1. Snowdrop – The snowdrops are one of the most beautiful flowers that you can find in the winter season. They have white petals that look like snowflakes. They grow well in any type of soil and they don’t require much sunlight or water. However, if you want to make them bloom in winter then you should provide enough light and water. It’s important to give them enough sunlight and water so that they can produce more blooms.

If you want to buy the best quality snowdrop from an online plant nursery Hyderabad then visit the official website of Gromor food nursery and order your favourite plant now. 

2. Calendula – Calendulas are easy to grow and they can withstand cold temperatures. These plants are known for their medicinal properties too. You can use calendulas in making herbal remedies. 

Do you want to get some good Calendula plants at affordable prices? Visit the official website of Gromor food nursery. 

3.Petunia – Petunias are another popular flower that grows well in the winter season. When you see petunias in the winter season then you must know that they were planted in autumn. They usually bloom in the spring time but they can also bloom in the winter season.

4. Pansy – Pansies are also known as winter pansies. They are very pretty and they can bloom even when other flowers do not bloom. They can tolerate poor soils and they can survive in the winter season. Pansies are perfect for adding beauty to your home.

5. Aster – Aster is an annual herbaceous plant that belongs to the sunflower family. It can tolerate dry conditions and it can survive in the winter. It can be grown indoors or outdoors. If you want to get some good Aster plants then visit our online plant nursery.

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