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What Are The Aspects Required For The Healthy Growth Of Plants?

Having a green patch within the premises is one of the options that most people opt for. Plants provide oxygen and make the atmosphere congenial for breathing. But not all plants can survive indoors due to the diverse distribution of sun and light within the premises. On one hand, certain plants have a low requirement of sunlight and water while others thrive in the abundance of both criteria. Hence, it is a challenge to maintain plants indoors unless you know about the same. However, a couple of online plant nursery Hyderabad can always come to your rescue and save your green patch indoors.

Gromor Food Nursery in Hyderabad speaks volumes about the professional approach extended by the company as they have an extensive range of plants. You can check the site and come across several plants that can adorn the inside and the outside of your premises. Moreover, they also deal in fertilizers and provide the customers with valuable information about the soil type that is congenial for the best growth of plants.

 The requirement for indoor and outdoor plants differs and scarcity of knowledge to nurture such plants leads to the poor or no growth of the same. So, check the site and the valuable information that it can offer to the readers and buyers. The product description of each product further optimizes the purchase decision of the buyers. The company has over 25 years of experience in the related field.

The most essential factors that directly impact the growth of indoor blooms are:

  1. Temperature
  2. Sunlight
  3. Drainage and water requirement
  4. Soil type

If you think that placing a plant in a corner with ample sunlight is enough for the indoor plant to grow and prosper, you will be surprised to know that it is not true. Plants in the east-facing direction enjoy the sunlight for half part of the day, especially during the morning hours. Now let us the requirements of plants placed in the north-facing window:

  • Generally, the north-facing windows/houses do not get direct sunlight. Hence, the plants that require direct sunlight will not prosper if placed in this direction. The day has inconsistent and dull sunlight. Some of the plants that can survive such conditions are succulents, Calathea (low/medium light), Philodendron, and Dracaena (low light).
  • Money plants can also survive filtered light and thus can bloom in north-facing windows. Gromor has an excellent collection of  indoor plants online Hyderabad.
  • Peace lilies are also good candidates that can be placed in north-facing windows as they tend to excel in low light but the abundance of water.

If you have a south-facing house or window, then you will get ample and direct sunlight throughout the day. So, it is important to have good information about the plants that you choose to grow in your garden or indoors. Be selective and choose the ones that can tolerate the heat and sunlight for most of the day. But for the people living in the Southern Hemisphere, the criteria may differ because they get sunlight in the north-facing areas and the south-facing areas are much cooler and shadier.

  • Bougainvillaea can survive direct sunlight and are mostly found in the gardens as hedges and fences. It also serves as a great adornment for patios.
  • Cactus can easily survive when places under direct sunlight both indoors and outdoors.
  • Variety of Calathea can also survive in south-facing windows with prosperity and offer a green patch to the premises.
  • Canna Lily tend to love sunlight and can easily prosper in conditions that have good exposure to sunlight.

Gromor has come forth as the best plant nursery in Hyderabad offering a rich collection of plants. But plants have other requirements also to survive climatic conditions. One such requirement is soil. Very few people understand the significance of soil and its importance when the growth of plants is questioned. Adding fertilizer to the soil is another factor to enrich its growth property. Also, the most important gardening tip is to shuffle the soil at regular intervals to ensure that the soil breathes and give enough growth prospects and bloom to the plant.

Final thoughts

Having the right guidance and good knowledge about the plant variety and its requirement for a good bloom can make your garden or indoors appear green. Moreover, adding oxygen within the premise has come forth as the need of the hour. People have finally realised that plants and trees are the best natural resources that can add quality to living.

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